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The doctors said:

Don't expect Joel to live a normal life…

The accident and fall involved an oncoming train, multiple skull fractures, death-defying amounts of blood loss, and acts of sheer heroism. To recover fully, his only option was to NEVER GIVE UP. Read more…

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author

Finding Your Voice - book by Joel BoggessFinding Your Voice is an Amazon #1 bestselling book, rocking all 3 categories: #1 in Success, #1 in Self-Esteem, and #2 in Happiness.

“You may feel like your life is out of your control – that others, or your circumstances or past mistakes have already determined your destiny. I’ve learned, however, that you have the ability to improve your life by making choices that are authentic to your personality and your priorities. Joel’s book, Finding Your Voice, will help you tune into what really matters to you so you can make better choices and achieve goals that are meaningful to you.” – Darren Hardy. Learn more about Joel's book!

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